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Monsoon - 10 ways to enjoy dancing in the rains without being taxed by it.

Monsoons are indeed the most stunning of all seasons. They come as a blessing to us after the scorching heat of the summer. ‘Pitter-patter, pitter-patter’ but also, ‘grrrrrrh’ form the sounds of this season. With the sky coloured in different shades of blue, red, yellow, grey and white, you are bound to be fall and love with the incredible hue transitions.

The clouds seem to be racing with each other in the sky, some looking like dinosaurs others like unicorns. and then of course the sun is seen playing hide and seek, forming a silver lining around the clouds when they roar and make us tremble. But when these clouds collide into each other, they bring water for us all. The water fills up the drying lakes and rivers, replenishes our underground water supply, saving us from draught and dehydration.

Rainwater is the purest form of water that exists. These tiny drops of water are formed high up in our atmosphere. The tiny drops form bigger drops which ultimately form clouds, big heavy clouds that move over us slowly, bang into another cloud, and burst, pouring all their water into our thirsty planet. This season is certainly equipped with the power to make you feel the love within yourself, be it for chai or pakodas or a human being, you feel it in every where in your body. It is also quite efficient to make you lose your spark and feel gloomy on some days when the longings and desires overpower the love and contentment that already exists.

Monsoons are exclusive and jam packed with drama. But, no matter the season, keeping yourself prepared to cope with it is essential to enjoy both the ups and downs of the season.

Monsoon brings with it many challenges. Your health, skin, hair all seem to get affected by the humidity that precedes rainfall. Here are 10 simple ways by which you can enjoy monsoons without having to worry about the side effects of all the rain dance!

No matter how much you crave golgappas or even chai for that matter, eating them out in the open is not the best choice. Its true rain water is the purest form of water but, that’s applicable when the conditions are ideal. Sadly, with all the colonisation and industrialisation, our planet has become subject to pollution making the rainwater acidic and dirty. Avoiding street food may be one of the best ways for you to save yourself from unwanted microbial infections.

The rains have this peculiar feature of making each one of us crave pakodas and samosas. Well it’s true we can’t avoid them entirely, but keeping a check on the quantity can help your gut feel happy and healthy. The reason for taking a light diet in the monsoons is that, our gut becomes sluggish and functions slower than usual owing to the humidity that is a by-product of the season.

Monsoons also demand that we pay special care to the water that we drink. In the rainy season, water can be a source of infection for our bodies.

Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance. Other than drinking clean water, it is also essential to drink ample amount of water. Just like in summers, our bodies lose a lot of water through sweat in the humid rainy season. Staying hydrated protects the skin and hair from the humidity and harshness of the rain water.

Monsoons can be very taxing for your skin. To make sure you glow even when humidity is at it’s peak, make sure you eat fresh fruits. Fruits replenish the vitamin stores in our body and improves our skin’s resistance to stresses. Not only do these fruits help our skin but also boost our immunity which is much needed in the rainy season.

Clay masks and sunscreens provide an extra layer of protection to your skin. Clay masks help exfoliate the skin and cleanse it from within, removing the dirt and other unwanted chemicals that may seep in.

No matter how much you moisturise your lips it is never enough. Dry lips end up being a consistent complaint of most people. Using lip scrubs and lip balms can prove to be helpful. Additionally, applying a little bit of ghee to the lips seems to do wonders.

The weather also calls for taking special care of your hair. On an average about 80% people complain about frizzy, unmanageable dry hair accompanied by hair fall and dandruff. It can be avoided to some extent by regularly oiling and washing your hair. If you happen to get wet in the rain, you must make sure that you dry your hair well to remove any residue that can damage your hair.

Monsoon brings with it insects, lots and lots of them. Its mostly because of stagnant water and dirt. The humidity allows these insects to bloom. Use of insect repellents and keeping your house clen and dry can help avoid unnecessary contact with these insects.

Use an umbrella stand to dry out your umbrellas. Instead of bringing in the rain water and microbes into the house let the umbrella and raincoats dry out.

BONUS: I’m sure avid readers have trouble protecting their books from becoming a victim of the humidity. An easy way to keep them safe is to lock them tightly in a cupboard with moisture absorbent. This keeps the book as fresh as ever.

There sure must be a lot more ways in which you protect yourself from the humidity and enjoy this season of love. Mention them in the comments below. Let’s interact and learn to live a better sustainable life from each other.

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twinkle sharma
twinkle sharma

Such well written tips!!

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