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The environment is used to describe our surrounding. It has become a part of the human nature to thrive at any cost, even if it takes a heavy toll on the others. The well being of our environment lies in our hands. Seeing how vast and forgiving the environment is, we have taken it for granted. Today, the air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is most probably contaminated, the environment is in general filled with evidence of negligence at the hands of us, human beings. The melting glaciers, the elevated sea levels, the burning rains, the steaming hot wind, the pricking heat, the deficient or excessive winter all indicate the absolute loss of balance in our environment.

Recently, the 2022 EPI was done by Yale and Columbia University researchers. It is a data-based summary, using 40 indicators, like climate change, environmental public health, and biodiversity to rank the environment of 180 countries. The fact that statistics and detailed surveys placed india lowest amongst 180 countries is in itself a proof that we have exploited our surroundings and its restoration is possible only by the combined efforts of each and every human being in the country. It seems to be an environmental emergency we cannot afford to avoid. No matter your role in the society, none of us can survive of a polluted environment. The increase in the amount of diseases in the past decade can be attributed to the fact that every time we inspire we breath pollutants that end up damaging our vital organs.

With the environment calling out to us, it is time that we take some serious steps to revive it and free it from the damages we have caused. 10 simple ways to sustain this crisis and to make sure this planet of ours doesn’t go extinct require us to be dedicated towards saving it.

The easiest way for us to contribute towards environmental degradation is by being conscious. Keeping basics, like switching off lights and fans, in your mind when leaving a room is an effective way of saving energy. Non-renewable sources of energy like coal are rapidly depleting. These resources take millions of years to develop. The only way to preserve these resources is via using them meticulously. Use of renewable sources of energy like solar panels is also an effective way to saving natural resources.

Trees are natural air purifiers. They remove the carbon dioxide from the environment and add oxygen to it. this oxygen is what allows us to function and stay focused. Say no to deforestation. Enough trees are lost in some naturally occurring forest fires, why bring more of them down? It is extremely unethical of us to chop down trees and fill the empty land spaces with futile concrete.

Instead of killing them, trees, we must plant atleast one tree every year. It really is not much, just takes 15 minutes. If each person plants a tree every year we might be able to replace some of the trees we fell.

Trees are not only fell to clear ground but also to provide us with a lot of different products like paper. An effective way to secure the future and avoid deforestation is to avoid wasting products that come from trees and using recycled products.

A common phrase that all of us hear often is reduce, reuse, recycle. These three words alone can serve as a guideline to keep us on track. To reduce is to consciously undertake any step making sure you are not responsible for unnecessary hoarding. It directs us to eliminate wastage. Reusing certain goods can help protect over production of those products, reducing the amount of industrial waste. Reducing and reusing is followed by recycling. Recycling old waste is an extremely useful for fixing excess pollution from waste dumps (landfills). Today, even plastic is recycled in some parts of the country to made roads.

Carpooling is another way by which we can save fuel and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint by controlling the amount of automobile exhaust. This can also be done by using public transport and riding by bicycle.

Walking to near by locations is not only good for the environment but also for your health. Living a sedentary life has many ill effects on out body. By means of walking to close areas there is depletion in the amount of exhaustive gases released which are a serious cause for global warming.

Rainwater harvesting is the process by which the rain water is collected and stored. It helps prevent soil erosion and replenishes the underground water supply.

CFCs are chloroflorocarbons which are released from a lot of electronic devices. CFCs have the ability to damage the ozone layer. The ozone layer around the earth protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. it traps the UV rays which are otherwise responsible for trapping heat. Reducing the use of cfcs is more than important. Using electronics that are climate friendly can help us bandage the scarred environment.

Treating industrial effluents before releasing them into the environment is a very important step that must be taken by industries. Treating the waste frees it from harmful chemicals and to some extent allows the environment to breathe. We at homes must also separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to make sure they are adequately processed before being dumped.

These are just the basics. There is a lot more one can do for the environment, after all if it weren’t for the congenial climate on Earth we wouldn’t exist, life itself wouldn’t exist. We hope to do better with each day that passes. To the hope of a better cleaner future!

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Shivani verma
Shivani verma
Jul 17, 2022


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