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Self-love : The ability to make peace with yourself

It is a common notion that self-love has the power to improve mental health and develop clarity in decision making. Self-love has many definitions and descriptions. Self-love is a quality of a person to be able to care for oneself. It is the ability to appreciate the small things and not criticise oneself for a wrong decision or two. Self-love brings us closer to ourselves, it allows us to acknowledge the person we really are and prioritize ourselves for personal and social growth.

Self-love is to love yourself abundantly, to feel your power and accept your mistakes, but never hate yourself for your failures.

Practicing self-love may sometimes be a challenge. With the hustle and bustle of today’s world one may forget about themselves. In an attempt to keep up they themselves are locked away in some deep hidden chamber of the house where literally no one can reach except them. The passcode to such secret chambers is almost always self-love. Self-love is literally the smallest things you do for yourself. Some of the basic steps you can take to love yourself and have confidence within include the following. Let’s take a look at them.

Humans have a tendency to be caring and attentive towards those they love or see are in some sort of pain. They lend both their hands to help such persons. In the process of placing the world before them, they may forget to caress themselves with the same passion. The very first and of utmost importance is to take care of yourself. Breathe, drink water, eat well, exercise, meditate, socialise, work and sleep. None of the above is less significant than the other. They must all form a part of your day. Scheduling your day so as to incorporate these habits is how you take care of yourself.

Every day we meet new people. We idealise different people. We may not be as perfect as the person we consider our role model, but in an attempt to get their it is not justified to forget who you are. Accepting yourself goes a long way in growth. You don’t have to fit in, and honestly you don’t need to become the person you admire. The people you admire have some characteristics that give them their charisma. These properties are what most of us wish to imbibe. Accept yourself, take inspiration from these people and make them your own.

People talk about others as if they know them through and through. They judge and gossip, and avoid the person who does not fit into their standards. Their words are usually driven out of lack of judgement and jealously or dislike. Loving yourself means living life on your own terms, without being affected by what others say. Stand in front of the mirror and instead of living your life through the eyes of others live it through your own eyes.

You alone know what’s best for you. So, take yourself seriously. You know yourself, those thoughts that subconsciously peek into your mind speak for who you are more evidently than the words formulated in your head. Self-love is having confidence within and trusting your gut.

‘I don’t have time’, is the easiest phrase to convince your mind from having a conversation with yourself. But, if you love yourself, spending time with yourself is a treat. At the end of the day even if you talk to yourself for five minutes, you are in for a win. Having a conversation with oneself is the way to understand what your body needs.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Just like we need some love from people surrounding us, loving oneself is like a silver lining that permits us to keep moving forward.

Where on one hand having an affirmative conversation with yourself is insightful, having a negative, judgemental conversation can end up leaving you gloomy and might threaten to kill the happiness that exists inside of you. Avoiding negative talk with oneself protects our minds and avoids haziness that might hinder with our ability to be happy, to be able to take decisions and grow.

To love yourself you need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you might make every now and then. The ability to let go helps you lessen the burden of being right all the time. We are humans, and we are allowed to make mistakes. It is through these mistakes that we learn to be better. Forgiving yourself can help you forgive those around you. This is because your mind learns to let go, to be at peace in the present so as to be stronger for the battles of the days to follow.

Self-love is accepting your worth, being self-confident, leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding negative energy and welcoming good vibes with open arms. It is a process which helps you acknowledge your self-esteem, self-help and the entire person you are, with your perfections and flaws entangled together. Love yourself and give your mind a break from all the criticism. Self-love and mental health go hand in hand.

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