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My Story - Pratapgarh Collective

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The process of Raw flower Honey fascinated me.It is very important to understand that if we don't conserve nature,the bee's will become non existent and if the bee's are non existent then the nature will slowly perish.Therefore I decided to educate myself through Dr Nitin and understand how bee keeping can be a sustainable business but also what a significant role it plays on our ecosystem.

We believe in simplicity,hence the pratapgarh collective's way of functioning is simple bee to bottle.our bee farmer's all over Uttar Pradesh work very hard to fulfill our aim of serving the most unpasteurised honey to our tables.It is a farm to table philosophy.since we don't believe in exploiting the nature and produce in surplus we prepare small batches of our artisanal honey with lots of hardwork,labour and love.The flavours that are harvested are mustard,neem,jamun,lychee, multiflower,mango and tulsi.


Mriganka Kumari (Pratapgarh Collective)

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