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Aroma that heals

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Fragrance is defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that gives each perfume or cologne (including those used in other products) its distinct scent. The perfume you wear is the final touch in your overall demeanour. You put effort into your body, hair, clothes, makeup, and your signature scent tops it all off, wrapping the entire package together.

In our daily life, several fragrances are felt. Did you know that the sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity. Perfume plays a major role in triggering memories. They calm the mind and soothe your body, ensuring your stress levels are in control.

Fragrance ingredients may be derived from petroleum or natural raw materials. While most fragrance chemicals are not disclosed, it is known that some are linked to serious health problems such as cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies and sensitivities.

In the light of the known facts Shree Fragrances was established in 2017 and our main focus was to provide long lasting perfumes, room freshener, scented candles, organic cold pressed oils and many more to aid the elimination of chemicals from our daily lives. Our fragrances find a place to settle down in your heart forever. They can make you feel magical and can change our mood in no time, hence becoming a part of your lives. At Shree Fragrances, we try bringing together both perfumery artistry and scientific expertise.

Shree Fragrances offers a broad collection of room freshener sprays to cater to the growing demands of the people and an even wider and unique range of air fresheners with different specifications.

When it comes to perfume quantity, we really need to understand that there are levels of concentration which dictates the strength and longevity of a scent. They are diluted with water or alcohol to different degrees to derive a particular aroma. Due to this reason, attars came into picture, which are alcohol chemicals free.

Attar oils are unique perfume fragrances and aroma oils that have been used for thousands of years for worship and meditation within some of the world’s most ancient religions, and by royal families as body fragrance oils. These special perfumes, believed to be the oldest in the world, are concentrated scents that have been extracted from flowers, herbs, and even various types of wood and bark. They are generally distilled into an oil base, such as sandalwood oil. Sandalwood oil helps nourish the skin, even out skin tone and reduces the appearance of scars. Attars are skin friendly because they are not drying and instead contains oils to nourish the skin.

Shree Fragrances are reputed manufacturer and supplier of attar. Our natural perfume oil is obtained from natural resources. Our range of attar is chemical and alcohol free. We have wide range of fragrances and attar available specially designed for our daily need. The most unique being are Kesar/Rose/Bela/Khus/Sandal/Firdaus/Oudh etc. We have in our store an assorted range of Floral Water that includes Kewra water and Rose water. They are prepared by our team of professionals under the most sanitary conditions and are 100% pure; devoid of all sorts of impurities. We offer Floral Water in qualitative and leak proof materials so as to avoid any sort of loss during storage.

Oils form an essential part of the everyday diet as they are widely used to prepare different kinds of dishes, from salads to main courses and even snacks. Thus, opting for the right kind of oil should be a conscious decision because it largely influences your cardiovascular health.

That's a good enough reason for us to try use cold pressed oils. Cold pressed oils are obtained naturally by crushing oil seeds at room temperature. Unlike regular refined oils there is no extra heat and chemicals used, which makes them the healthiest variant of oils available to us. Most cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties and oleic acid, which boosts your immunity.

There are a number of oilseeds from which we can naturally obtain oil without tampering with their nutritive capacity. Some of these seeds are- sesame seed, peanut, sunflower seeds, canola, coconut and olive. You can easily replace your regular cooking oil with any of the cold pressed variants. Make sure you don’t expose these oils to high heat and use them to cook foods which are prepared on low to medium heat. If you use these oils for deep frying, the unsaturated fats may break down, making them unsafe for consumption.

Shree Fragrances is also a manufacturer of cold pressed, chemical free, edible and cooking oil such as mustard oil, walnut oil, sesame oil etc. We at Shree Fragrances extract oil from very high quality seeds and owing to their aroma and rich nutritional value, these oils are highly recommended in the market.

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