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Madhav Udyan Orchard Visit

"The Lucknow Farmers Market cordially invites you to our 12th annual Mango Festival. Join us for a signature farm visit at Madhav Udyan, Village Mall on June 9th and be a part of this delightful celebration!"


Tango with Mangoes

"The Lucknow Farmers Market cordially invites young enthusiasts to our 12th annual Mango Festival, celebrating the sweetness of nature's finest produce. Join us for a signature farm visit at Madhav Udyan, Village Mall on June 9th and be a part of this delightful celebration!"

Bara Imambara, also known as Asfi Mosque is an imambara complex in Lucknow, India built by

2 Days Immersive Awadhi Experience

Join Lucknow Farmers Market's 12th annual Mango Festival on June 9th at Madhav Udyan, Village Mall, with a twist of experiencing the rich culture of lucknow in the two days itinerary especially curated for you. Fill out your details to receive more information and customize your 2-3 day itinerary! "Especially for people from outside Lucknow". 

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Aam Ki Kahaniya

Join us for a day of enchanting stories with Katha Chaupal, delectable food, and joyful celebrations at the LFM Mango 12th Festival Orchard Visit.

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Vintage Village Orchard Visit

Join Us for a Delightful Orchard Visit at scenic Vintage Village Orchard at the 12th LFM Mango Festival on 23rd June.

Celebrate the AAMazing King of Fruits

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Welcome to 12th UP Mango Festival - taking you to orchards around Lucknow. Join us at an idyllic orchard Madhav Udyan Mall 30 kms from Lucknow on 9 June. Enjoy mango based products curated by CISH and home chefs and a special ticketed buffet from 7-11 am for all the visitors.   

Have you ever walked through the avenues filled with the aroma of freshly ripened mangoes; ever tasted fruit freshly plucked from the trees? Have you ever wondered how it feels to sit on sun-kissed earth under the shade of magnificent trees holding on to mother earth with their roots and savour the delightful taste of juicy mangoes? 

If not, then we have an opportunity for you to experience something new and remarkable. 
“Opportunities are like illuminated dust particles among the omnipresent ones and you need a mind precise enough as a filter paper to grab them before the time runs out".

Summer is indeed a time for adventures. It is a time when one can explore the world and look beyond the four walls of the room. It is a time when earth sizzles with heat from the sun and nature shows it's true beauty and colours. Most importantly it’s the season of mangoes. The juicy, delicious and mouth savouring fruit! The fruit which is loved by children and adults alike. The sweetness of which fills the person with a youthful exuberance. This festival truly celebrates buyers and sellers of mango and will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Come and taste your favourite dishes with a twist of mango in them. You can take with yourself as many mangoes as you want and live the episode over and over again. Come join us and be a part of this fabulous experience. Our aim behind organizing an orchard visit is to promote eco and agricultural tourism  and educate our youth as well.

The Orchard Visit will engage you no matter what age with competitions and activities like Feet of Fire Dance Contest , Heart to Art Contest , Quisagoi on Mango , Sher-e-aam , Mango Eating, Awaz-e Dil (Open Mic), Farmer's Market , Music, craft  and many more.

Mango Festival Year 12

The concept is to revive a love for Mangoes and traditional Mango-infused recipes. In Lucknow, Mangoes reign as the most beloved fruit, abundantly available during the summer months. Once, nearly every household boasted a Mango tree, making it customary to utilize raw mangoes for tenderizing meat and infusing sour notes into dishes. Our annual Mango Festival is a vibrant celebration encompassing everything Mango-related, including food, storytelling, crafts, poetry, and more.


Mango based products from Raw Mango Dishwash powder, Mango Soap to Mango Achar, Panna and lots more.


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The royal family of Mall has a history of producing Mangoes and has transformed the very meaning of rural trade. We have diversified into various Agri. Based Fields such as, Eco & Agri Tourism, Wine making, Agri. Marketing & Agri. Food Processing.


Foothills Himalaya

Tucked away between the northeast periphery of Corbett National Park and the foothills of Nainital, lies the less-traveled area of Kotabagh where the private foothills nestle. 

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Hazara Orchard

Hazara is not only a mango orchard,it represents a life style.150 varieties of rarest mangoes adorn the contoured landscape. Conservation, Revival.

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Ever been to an orchard early in the morning? An unmissable experience and fresh morning breeze as the golden sunrise is held up by the tops of the trees.

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Alibagh - World of Organic Farming

The aim behind The Alibag Village is to get people to know the importance of nature and rural living – which helps promote and conserve the environment. 


Vintage village

Located 14kms from the downtown Sitapur on Lakhimpur Road in Uttar Pradesh, It is spread over 20 Acres full of the natural landscape and a serene and therapeutic environment. 

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Abbasi Orchard

Lucknowites came to the orchard with their friends and families and relished different varieties of mangoes like Husnara, Gulaab Khaas, Jauhari Safeda, Shahad Kuppi and more. The orchard wore a festive look with handmade decorations of butterflies, birds, kites, and flowers hung from the trees.

Mango Memories


Our Youtube

Mango Varieties


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