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Jambughoda Palace

Welcome to A Home for Nature Lovers 

Life today demands an escape from the routine, and what better way to spend a couple of days at a destination that will allow you to leave your city life behind and be with nature. To simply enjoy. To rejuvenate. A brief get-away prepares you to be back to your city life with renewed vigour. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate head honcho, businessman, professional, painter, writer or a home-maker.

Travel back more than a century, in a hundred acres of sheer hypnotic greenery. That is when the Jambughoda Palace (now partly converted into A Home for Nature Lovers) was built.

Site Seeing



Tribal Culture & Lifestyle

Champaner exhibits some of the finest examples of fusion architecture, sculpted by mellifluous architects from different cultures & civilizations.

Glimpse into The Tribal Culture & Lifestyle. Most of the tribals living in and around Jambughoda are Rathwas & Nayaks. They are superstitious and God-fearing.


Jambughoda Sanctuary

The Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary, (spread over an area of 130 sq kms) was a part of the erstwhile princely state of Jambughoda before independence.

More Places

  • Pavagadh (30kms)

  • Sankheda (38 km)

  • Dabhoi (50km)

  • Jhund Hanuman (13 km)

  • Hathni Mata Cave Temple & Waterfalls (21 km)

  • Vadhwana Bird Sanctuary (45 km)

  • Sukhi Dam (21 km)

  • Targol Dam (16km)

  • Statue of Unity (72 km)





A Home for Nature Lovers takes delight in hosting their guests in the wilderness. Home-cooked organic food is served al fresco and dinners are also organized around campfires for the more adventurous ones. 

The food is slow-cooked on wood to suit both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates. The recipes which have been passed on from one generation to another have been carefully selected for the guests. The family has tried to preserve the age-old cooking methods and the flavors, which would have otherwise been lost in time.

We welcome you to come and savour the delicacies and cherish the mouth-watering flavors from our rich past.

Farm Produce

Maharana Vikramsinhji had worked with Mr Verghese Kurien at the National Dairy Development Board back in the 1970s. It was after his stint at Anand, that he and Late Maharana Digvijay Sinhji encouraged the farmers at Jambughoda to start the first milk cooperative in the Jambughoda Taluka with 11 members almost forcibly.

This was much to the reluctance and dislike of the farmers who didn't know of how they would be benefitted by it at all. We today are proud to have a milk collection of 10,000 lts to 13000 lts, with 34 milk cooperatives out of which 4 are fully operated by women; which has benefitted approximately 5000 farmers. 1500 of them being women.


Home grown pesticide free produce is part of one's day's meal at Jambughoda Palace. From glistening brinjals to tender okra, blooming cauliflowers, juicy mangoes and pulpy seedless lemon; here are fruits and vegetables for every season. A healthy wholesome slice of country living can be experienced here. A life of more awareness and enthusiasm that helps us maintain a constant sense of peace, relaxation and calmness in our daily lives is what we offer. Disconnect from your gadgets and reconnect with nature.


The Jambughoda family has always been involved in spreading awareness and ensuring that the people at Jambughoda benefit from the fast paced development, but at the same time keeping the eco-system intact. Be it education, livelihood, forest, dairy, agriculture, horticulture or organic vegetables, the aim has been - community benefit.

The idea is to simply serve what is grown. When was the last time you sat under a mango tree and relished a mango? With your eyes shut all you can see, taste, feel, smell and hear is nature in it's pristine form.  A Home For Nature Lovers - Jambughoda Palace in the heart of woods offers you just that !

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