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Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

15 Minutes

1 Serving


Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl


  • Mixed vegetable millet - Chopped a few French beans into tiny pieces, the size of the peas. Added the peas, some corn kernels and the chopped beans with the millet and cooked it. Added just salt and nothing else

  • Sweet potatoes - I steamed the sweet potatoes and chopped them into chunky pieces. You could also bake them if you like

  • Sautéed vegetables - I sliced the onion into thick slices. Added the onions to a hot iron kadai. In about a couple of minutes I added all the other vegetables which I had chopped and steamed lightly (except the green leaves). The vegetables need to remain crunchy. I added some pasta seasoning and salt and added the green leaves right at the end for just about a minute.

  • Spiced chick peas - I had soaked these overnight and then boiled it with a few bay leaves, 2-3 cloves, 2-3 black pepper, 2 cardamom. You could boil them without any spices or use your favourites. Once steamed, I drained out the water and the spices and added a spoonful of roasted zeera powder, salt, garlic powder and some chilly powder. If you would like to make it crisper, you could bake it or sautee it in a pan.

  • Red pepper and cashew sauce - I roasted one half of the red bell pepper on the gas to get a smoky flavour. Added the soaked cashews, roasted bell pepper with garlic and dried red chilly into a blender and made the sauce. You could add a green chilly instead of red and add a little lemon if you would like it tangy.

  • Put the bowl together in a deep dish plate with a little bit of everything. Top it with the cashew sauce.


Boiled chicks peas -1 cup

Onion -1 medium sized

Red, yellow and green bell peppers - half of each


Corn kernels -1 cup

Sweet potato -2 medium sized

Leafy greens - I used baby spinach and kale

Broccoli - 6-8 flowerets

Cauliflower - 6-8 flowerets

French beans

Grean peas

Soaked Cashews - about 15-20

Garlic - 2 cloves

Dried red chilly -1

Any Millet - 1 small cup. Usually people use rice however I used kodu millet. It's more nutrious.

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