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Kadha in 2 easy steps

4 Minutes



With the rainy season slowly sliding away the hot summers, seasonal flu has become a very common phenomenon. The occurrence of all forms of infections increases many fold during this season. My great grandmother used to make a very delicious and undoubtedly powerful kadha to boost the immune system especially during high risk days.
It's my go to comfort tea when feeling out of sorts!
What is kadha? Kadha is but a drink, a cleanser, a version of flavoured tea, made by boiling a variety of herbs and spices directed towards improving the health of humans. If you’ve been wondering what are the perfect ingredients for an effective and soothing kadha you’ve come to the right place.

Kadha in 2 easy steps


Here’s how you can make kadha in technically 2 simple and straight forward steps. All you need to do is boil the herbs in water and let them enrich it with all of their medicinal properties. First step is to boil saunf, ajwain, mulethi, banaphsha, laung, black pepper, tulsi stem and leaves, crushed roots of ginger and turmeric for around 10 minutes until the colour darkens.

Drink 4-5 cups of kadha everyday.

Keep adding water and boiling to make fresh batches every day.

Kadha helps fight cold, cough, fever and body ache. It can end up rejuvenating you and directing the body to fight off the infection.

Good for all ages

My children have had this from about 1 year and upward. I used to give it to them lukewarm as a shot with a spoonful of honey.


2 tbsp saunf

1/4 tst ajwai

2 pieces mulethi

2 tbsp banaphsha

2 laung

5-6 black pepper

tulsi stem and leaves

ginger root

Turmeric root lightly crushed

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