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Chatpati Tulsi Chutney

15 mins

1 Bowl


All of you must have eaten many types of chutneys till date, but we are sure that you must not have eaten the chutney that we are going to tell you today. In fact, till today you have used Tulsi leaves to make tea, what will happen to get rid of cold and flu? But do you know that Tulsi chutney, which maintains immunity well, is also eaten by making it. Yes, you may not believe it, but it is true. This chutney not only keeps you away from many diseases but also enhances the taste of your food.

Chatpati Tulsi Chutney


Wash and grind all the ingredients and add lemon juice and salt ,adjust according to taste and serve with crispy fritters ,kebabs ,kachoris, Frankies ,sandwiches etc.


1 cup Tulsi leaves 

.1 cup Green Coriander 

.1/2 cup cashews 

.1 tbsp    Ginger ground

.1 tsp.      Green Chillies

.1 tbsp  Garlic(optional

.1/2 cup fresh Coconut grated 

Salt according to taste 

Lemon juice

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