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Blossom Nursery

Blossom Nursery

About us

Blossom Nursery germinated in 2015 from a promise to make ‘green and healthy’ lifestyle for all. It is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age.

Mrinalini Gupta owns Blossom nursery and has 35 years of experience with a strong penchant for growing plants.
Apart from home grown plant Nursery, she takes part in various assignments for companies and individuals developing their gardens, bonsai and home gardening classes etc.

Gifting a plant to someone shows them that you care about their health. Have you gifted a plant to anyone yet ?


What we do 

Plant Propagation

Home Gardening and Bonsai Classes

Gardening Consulting & Landscaping

Pruning and Trimming of plants

Making Manure from Kitchen Waste

Our Gallery

Our Team

Mrinalini Gupta owns Blossom nursery and has 35 years of experience with a strong penchant for growing plants

Mrinalini Gupta


Our Journey

My name is Mrinalini Gupta, I am 59 years old. I have two kids. My husband is an iSurgeon. I was fond of gardening since childhood, which has now become an important part of my life. I still remember, secretly plucking flowers at school or somewhere, plucking raw guava as all children do in my childhood. After 7 years of marriage, in 1990, I shifted to a new house. Our house of 2700 square feet, that's what started the process of buying our plants, pot compost, everything that is needed in gardening. I was also a gardener, yet I used to work in the garden for 3 to 4 hours, never felt tired, felt very good.

I would sit for hours looking at my small garden, caressing the trees and plants and being happy. Gradually a beautiful garden was formed. While doing gardening by myself, I got so much experience that how new plants are prepared, how to save their life, how to take care etc.

Be it winter or summer, strong sun or rain, I used to work in the garden, I feel very happy, I do not know how much time has passed. From the very beginning, she kept on buying all kinds of plants. House plants, season, perineal and many more. After the marriage of the younger daughter in 2012, I was feeling very lonely. There was a conflict in my mind. I did not feel like doing any work.

Eventually my gardening supported me. I started studying about trees and plants for three to four hours from the internet, started making notes, it was like a passion. Plants also made their place in the stairs, balcony terrace. And in 2015, I opened a nursery in the name of BLOSSOM NURSERY at home, I got busy. Plants kept growing, but selling was less. In 2017 I was disappointed, but did not reduce my hobby of gardening. That dream of mine in Feb 2018. Completed, for which she used to watch with open eyes. Received award in Horticulture from NBRI, RAJBHAWAN DAINIK JAGRAN.

April 2018 changed my life. My despair turned into hope.
My passion turned into profession someone told me about Lucknow farmers market. I put up a stall of my plants there, which had terrarium, miniature garden, exotic and decorative plants. Everyone liked it a lot. I used to prepare the plants myself, they used to decorate, groom, beauty increased. I was constantly setting up my stall in LFM, gradually I started getting clients. If someone asked me about watering a plant, I would tell him the whole life of that plant, which would satisfy people, and would buy the plant, which would give me a lot of happiness and strength. One day the owner of Cherry tree caffe contacted me, and said that I would do Landscaping in my cafe, could not believe my ears. That was my first project and LFM made me Landscaper. I started getting clients. Got the job of visiting Cherry tree caffe, Habibullah estate's garden, Vandana Sehgal's garden. Some people started taking gardening consultation, in this way I became busy and plants also started selling. Lucknow farmer market gave me my own identity as Home Gardening consultant and Landscaper. I would like to tell one thing in the end, people ask me, are you from BOTANY, smile and say, no brother, I am from ART STREAM. Experience and hard work show us the way to success, which we got from a platform like LUCKNOW FARMERS MARKET. Further my dream is to educate people in horticulture, and bonsai so that people can decorate their house with greenery and trees and plants and get pure air and create a pure environment in their homes, which today in the era of Kovid-19. We all need a lot which we can get only by planting more and more trees.

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

I was looking for terrarium plants, air purified plants, mini gardens and hand painted bamboo flower vase and I got all at one place. The kind plants this nursery provide is awesome with lot of varieties in plants.

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