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Nirmanee brings to you rose water from the soil of Maharani Padmavat (the epitome of natural beauty) and Maharana Pratap (the pinnacle of royalty).


Our gulab jal is made from chaitri gulab, one of the finest varieties of roses in the world. Chaitri gulab blossom in the area of Haldighati in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. This variety of roses is known far and wide for its beautiful aroma and unparallel cosmetic values.


Please note that our 100 ml bottle comes with a flip top cap.


Rose water can be used as a skin toner since it helps in maintaining the skin's pH balance (better than chemical based toners as they tend to dry out our skin)

Regular use can help keep the skin free of extra oil and prevent blackheads, acne and under-eye puffiness

Helps hydrate, revitalise, moisturise and bring a cooling/ calming effect to the skin

Rose petals and thereby rose water contains a number of powerful antioxidants which can help protect cells from damage

Nurtures our olfactory cells (nerve cells stimulated by fragrance)

Directions to use

Wet a soft cotton ball with rose water and dab it on your skin (you can also store the rose water in your refrigerator during summers, to get a cooling effect)

Can also be mixed in your home-made/ DIY face pack

While preparing fresh sandalwood paste, add some rose water for a beautiful aroma and a soothing effect 


Pure Rose water

Rose Water (200 ml)

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