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Our Incense sticks are –
 100 % Natural and pure
 Handmade and hand rolled
 Charcoal free
 100% Sulphur free
 Made from Panchagavaya and Raw Honey
 Made from Sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature
 No aromatic chemical or fragrance
Our story-
We all knows the innumerable significance of Panchagavya for our health, environment and spiritual progress.
We thought to come up with the natural air freshener and purifier incense stick with powerful ingredients as a Panchgavya and Recycled Temple Flower.
Everyday these scared beautiful temple flowers goes into garbage, we recycled them to make the incense stick.
These sticks also contain Indian precious herbs uses for air purification like Camphor, Raal , Guugul . It’s been taught to us from ancient time to burn it up for the protection against microorganism in our home along with its spiritual uplifting.
Its also gives the significant divine mild aroma throughout the day due to its Vedic based ingredients.

HOW TO USE :    Burn the Incense stick and keep at safe place. 

BENEFITS :    Protection against micros organism and Repels Foulness
 It purifies the air, make entire surrounding pure and spiritually surcharged.
 Strong stress-relieving power, that helps in curing fatigue. It also helps you refresh your mind.
 It lowers the level of indoor air pollutants like SO2 & NO2 which is produce by gas stoves.
 It removes bad planetary influence, negative energy, Vastudosh
 Widely used in aromatherapy for its strong rejuvenating and uplifting properties
 Restores Fresh Air & Good Health.

INGREDIENTS : Panchagavya (cow dung, cow mutra, cow milk, cow ghee, cow curd), Recycled dried temple flowers,  Raw Honey, Guguual (myrrh), Camphor, Raal (shorea Robusta), Sandalwood , Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus

Pratha - Bee Happy Incense stick Panchgavya Temple flower – Sacred ( 60 sticks )

SKU: 101100206009300