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These candle are –
100% Beeswax Candles
Handmade Candles
Free from chemicals and additives
Has its original scent of honey comb
Natural sweet honey scent, paraffin free, non-toxic & lead free
Why to use beeswax candle over paraffin candle –

Beeswax is rare and expensive, its cost 10 times more than paraffin wax.
Created by the bees, 100% natural, all chemical-free. Oldest candle known to man and prized since ancient times.
Paraffin wax is highly refined petroleum by-product that contains up to 11 toxic compounds and chemicals such as benzene and toluene. Emit toxic diesel exhaust-like fumes.
Beeswax candles are environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic.100% beeswax candles are natural, undergoes no chemical processing and biodegradable.
Paraffin wax is a black sludge that is treated with 100% industrial strength bleach to change its colour to white, creating toxic dioxins. Acrolyn, a carcinogenic chemical is then added to solidify the white sludge. The end result is an extremely toxic product. By burning these candles, you produce the same toxins. If you really know how poisonous paraffin candles are, you would dump them and stop polluting the air in your home. 

HOW TO USE :   Burn the candle and keep at safe place.
Precautions –  Make sure to use a coaster/underline Never leave a burning candle unattended Keep your burning beeswax candles away from kids and pets Always extinguish the candles before leaving the room Be Careful & Enjoy! 

BENEFITS -  About Prayer Candle –
The outer, physical world, with our victories and defeats, grief and joy is formed from the inner world.  This phenomenon is also called karma, fate.The candle is created to help in overcoming and removing obstacles on your initial, inner level.
It is recommended to use the candle in all the beginnings, before or during any significant event.
The purest, natural, highest quality beeswax is purchased from the beekeeping farmers.
Votive candles are candles, that are offered as a gift to God and a request for help, healing or fulfillment of any desire, they are truly a road opener. And Wish Candle are such candles. You can light a candle both from yourself and on behalf of your loved ones, if your your motives are pure
Beeswax candle Burn stronger and brighter. Emit naturally bright light of the same light spectrum as the sun.

They are a gift from nature The only candle that emits negative ions to purify, cleanse, improve air quality, and invigorate the body.

A natural ionizer Beeswax candle is Hypo-allergenic, benefit those with environmental allergies, sensitivities, and asthma.  

INGRDIENTS : Pure Raw Beeswax .

Pratha - Bee Happy Vespro Pure Beeswax Candle – 2 Count Pack

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