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In aurveda giloy is referred as 'Amrit' which means drink of God. This blend acts as an immunity booster and does wonders in the cases related to cough, cold, fever, internal infection, diabetes, jaundice, gastric problem, liver and body renunciation. The unique selling point of this product is that our body can easily digests the herbal Ark and gives instant optimum results. It also helps in dealing with skin related problems. 

This blend is prepared by ages old methods described in Aurveda with zero use of chemicals and preservatives, hence, it can be consumed by all from babies to old aged people. It contains the richness of Tulsi ( Ocimum Sanctum) and Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia).


An adult can have 15-30ml and child can have 10-15ml twice or thrice a day according to their ease.

Divine Life Herbals - Giloy Tulsi Ark

SKU: 101100124002400
500 Milliliters