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This journey began in June 2016 when I experienced back pain in the Lumber-5 area as a result of two previous epidural injections (in 2010 and 2012). I immediately ran to Triad "Yoga and Pilates Newport Beach, where I took my first Pilates mat class alongside yoga, and within one week, my body began to respond. Core strength became a healing point for my L-5, and I experienced better balance and coordination. Since then I started reading about it and researched on Google for Balanced Body and BASI Pilates then I enrolled myself back in July 2017 with a $500 deposit with the BASI portal for foundations and graduate programs but unfortunately due to family issues I couldn’t fly. I do have Yoga and Teaching in my genes due to my Father being a Gold Medalist Yoga Teacher in the Central (Federal) Government of India and my Mother being a Doctorate Professor/Teacher in a State University and I am being a former athlete myself decided to bring Pilates in my home town Lucknow which is a capital city of Uttar Pradesh State of India and then Nationwide.

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