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Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

About us

Sweet Nothings is not just a bakery, it is an experience. It is committed to offering not only the most premium quality products but also the best service. Each of its products is unique in terms of the ingredients, technique and flavour.

Customized gift hampers from Sweet Nothings are hugely popular and make any occasion memorable. We accept corporate orders for a variety of delicacies including desserts, cookies, chocolates, dry cakes, savory items, and squashes for a complete gifting range.

We also specialize in food preservation, serving the lost flavors of Guava Jelly, Cape Gooseberry Jam, Rose and Khus syrups, etc. Each of our products is free from any artificial flavour, essence, colour, and preservative.


What we do 



Jams and Jelly

A floral concoction made with natural fruitilicious, juicy flavours extracted from carefully selected ingredients extremely flavorful as a refreshing sharbat or blended with milk to make a delicious milkshake.

Achars or Indian pickles are not just condiments, they are love and care packed in a jar. Made from only the best quality green mangoes- handpicked and organic. We follow much-loved recipes that goes through a long process of transformation to make your taste buds dance. Surprise in a jar

Jams spell love and that’s what we do at Sweet Nothings. Made with handpicked fresh, juicy and organic fruit, the perfect accompaniment to your toasts, parathas and what not! Each spoonful is pure bliss!

Our Gallery

Our Team

We are committed to offer not only the most premium quality products but also the best service & experience

Apoorva Bhargava


Apoorv Bhargava

Packaging Expert

Ajay Bhargava

Ajay Bhargava

Marketing Head

Our Journey

As the owner and manager of sweet nothings, our journey is associated with IBCA Bangalore and Vivanta by Taj Lucknow. Having initiated as a fondant artist, we stitched to the unique and innovative concept of “East meets West” in food space. We introduced fusion of Indian and western delicacies and a lot of exclusive combinations.
After having built a sturdy clientele, it was time for us to expand but we wanted to continue with the traditional way of baking. Finally, we got our hands on a “bhatti” (a traditional oven) where we decided to bake. We baked traditional biscuits and cakes with a western tinge and brought back the nice smoky flavour in the baked goods. Finally, we experimented on jams and squashes, as there was easy and varied availability of fruits. Apart from that, we also worked on fruit and vegetable preserves. In the span of three years, we have won hearts of our clients and a lot of appreciation awards. Our festival hampers, tokens and presents for various occasions are always a hit, viewing smiles, happiness with innumerable memories.

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

I love the products made by Sweet Nothings. Everything is tasty and made from the finest quality items. My parents are huge fans too. The Aam ka Achar is a must have and tastes as if made by my mother.

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Raj Lakshmi Singh

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