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Royal Honey

Royal Honey

About us

Our fantasy of beekeeping has developed into a full-fledged profession. Like honey bees, our whole family and friends are involved in the beekeeping and trading the bee products. Also, we educate the masses willing to learn about honey bees. To develop beekeeping we established the association named Royal Honey and Bee Farming Society in 2014.
Apiculture a family issue running with Father K.N. Singh, Mother Saraswati Singh, senior kid Nitin, daughter in law Britto, more youthful child Nimit and family friend Rajeev by supervising everyday operation with numerous other companions included. Society functions with father and mother handling all the major decisions, Nitin promoting the products, and handling the beekeeping training program. Nimit takes care of the honey bees and production while Britto deals with the manufacturing of bees value-added products such as bee wax cream, Honey Soda drink, etc.
With five year's diligent work, we have created more than 700 beehives with Apis millifers pan India, delivering 10 tons of various flower honey per annum. In the beginning, we chose to give Raw honey as it has more medicinal advantages than processed honey. Thus we preferred to supply the complete goodness of our honey as in raw. Conserving the moisture between 18-22%, We are offering the honey directly from our hives with cheesecloth filtration. We don't heat the honey and ultra-filter, so it has little pollen, propolis, and bee wax that give you extraordinary wellbeing esteem.
“We are ideal to supply liquid gold RAW HONEY just straight out from the hives not simply labelled”


What we do 

Pure Honey

Value Added Products

Honey Energy Drink

Locally Sourced Natural RAW HONEY with a moisture content between 18-22%. Cheese Cloth Filtered And Unprocessed, our honey contains wonder foods like Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax in trace amounts.

Beeswax soaps, candles, creams and lip balm

A naturally aerated honey based energy drink

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