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Healthy Greens by Adira Farms

Healthy Greens by Adira Farms

About us

We at Healthy Greens by Adira farms are purely committed towards quality produce. Serving the community with nutrient rich produce has been the core of our pursuit. While serving merchant navy through the seas and traveling distinct countries our founder kushal Srivastava came across to the advanced agrarian practice carried out in the west. This is when he envisioned “Healthy Greens”with a mission to resolve the ever-growing agrarian crisis by introducing hydroponic farming in Lucknow. Our agenda is to inculcate healthy eating practices among society which is need of the hour in our fast paced lifestyle. We are able to attain our goal of producing nutrient rich, 100% pesticide free produce through the medium of automated atmosphere.Our vision is solely to empower community with access to toxic free produce around the year. We shall look forward towards our commitment for optimal use of resources and to serve community.


What we do 

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Our Team

Founder Kushal Srivastava, envisioned “Healthy Greens” with a mission to resolve the ever-growing agrarian crisis

Kushal Srivastava


Our Journey

With clear thoughts and tough challenges ahead, multiple experiments were carried out over 4 months. Nobody imagined that what started out of need for self consumption would lead to setting up one of the biggest vertical farm in the city and being one of be biggest sellers of Fresh & Clean Leafy Vegetables in Lucknow.

Well, that’s more or less about us - Healthygreens by adira farms

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

So glad Lucknow has this facility, thank you for this super healthy veggie box.

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Bhaavya Kapur (Makeup artist)

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