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Hariyaali Organics

Hariyaali Organics

About us

“Green is my world and I eat, wear, apply and heal with the colours of the rainbow”

When we are healing ourselves and the planet, we need to make mindful choices about our food, drink, clothing and medicine. Hariyaali Organics is an effort to bring the healing energies of nature into our everyday lives by offering products that are naturally grown and mindfully produced. At present we are offering a range of herbal tisanes.


What we do 

Peyaa Herbal Tisanes

Peyaa herbal tisanes bring the goodness of herbs to you in a teacup. The challenge before Peyaa was to formulate and present something unique to connoisseurs of herbal products. We decided to formulate our herbal tisanes using mostly Himalayan grown herbs and a few flowers and spices. Knowing full well that there are zillions of herb teas on the Indian market promising everything from weight loss to immortality, we had to be creative in our approach.

Our Gallery