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Divine Life Herbals

Divine Life Herbals

About us

Divine Life Herbals, is a non-government organization founded by Rekha Singh with the intention of taking Ayurveda to every household. Being passionate about herbal plantations and Ayurvedic products, Rekha started GMP certified Ayurvedic manufacturing unit in Satrikh District Barabanki.

The products are made by means traditional methods using natural and fresh products, like jaggery. We do not add chemical preservatives to any product to avoid the risk of damaging the nutrients.


What we do 

Grow Ayurveda

Women Empowerment

Be Organic

We endeavour to be able to spread and establish the importance of herbal and
ayurvedic products.

The company constantly works towards women empowerment.

We believe in, and promote organic farming practices, which eliminate the use of
pesticides, and other chemicals ensuring quality and purity of the products

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