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Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic

About us

Beyond Organic is Lucknow’s first hyper local indoor hydroponic farm situated within the heart  of the city, where we practice an urban farming technique known as hydroponics. Hydroponics  is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrients soluble in water. The roots  of the plants are exposed to water with dissolved mineral nutrients which allows the plants to  absorb the required nutrients for their growth.  

Established in 2018, we have a growing experience of 2 years in now in the field of hydroponics  and have been serving the city with high quality and pesticides free exotic greens. Our aim is to  provide our city with fresh and cleanest form of greens and fulfill the concept of “farm to  table”. Therefore the produce that we sell comes straight from our farm and is harvested just  before delivery to the customer. Our produce is 100% pesticides free and is grown indoors  within a climate controlled indoor farm.


What we do 

Hydroponic farming

Manufacturer of hydroponic home growing systems

Hydroponic farming consultancy

We provide the city with the cleanest form of veggies grown hydroponically in our climate controlled indoor hydroponic farm.

We manufacture home growing hydroponic systems and solutions for those who wish to try their hands on hydroponic method of farming. They can grow their own veggies at home. From manufacturing the systems, installations, complete growing kit we also provide guidance to the home growers to grow their first batch of greens using our systems.

With over 3 years of experience in indoor and outdoor hydroponic farming, we now can guide other budding hydroponic farmers to grow their crop properly. With technical guidance over the issues that we have faced over the past 3 years we can share our solutions to you for all the issues that come up while growing. We have tried a lot of solutions available for a single problem and we know which one will work for you.

Hydroponic farming training and workshops

We will be providing training and workshop programmes for those who are interested to know more about hydroponics on our Lucknow farmers Market e cart platform from time to time.

Our Gallery

Our Team

Beyond Organic is Lucknow’s first hyper local indoor hydroponic farm situated within the heart  of the city

Dipankar Gupta


Gaurav Rastogi


Our Journey

We started Beyond organic in late 2018 with zero experience of farming. We started learning and experimenting about hydroponics through online videos, read a couple of books on hydroponics and interacted with some hydroponic growers in India and abroad. We had never even sown a seed by ourselves in our entire life. Starting from sowing seeds, watering the plants, maintaining the growing environment, controlling the TDS and PH balance in the reservoir, cleaning the systems, harvest and even deliveries we done by us. We could not afford a helper’s salary in the earlier stages as we had a lot of expenses to cover. After a year of trails and errors of the farm, we started having a stable growth at the farm and our business started to grow a little we started expanding. Today we run a farm with 4000-4500 plants growing together with around 12 varieties of green veggies and 10 varieties of microgreens. We plan to double our capacity within a year along with installing solar panels to convert our farm to a 100% sustainable farm with its own energy source.

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

There are not many stores in lucknow that provide real organic and healthy
greens. I ordered for lollo bionda lettuce and italian basil from BEYOND ORGANIC. The
veggies were really fresh, tender and had great flavour.

testimonial adity.jpg

Anushka Singh, Student

Watch us live in action

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