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"Anti dandruff activity & promotes Hair Growth" Vegetal Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a natural shampoo with a blend of 'Bio-active extracts'. It is one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos as it promotes anti-dandruff activity and enhances hair follicle. Vegetal Anti Dandruff does not causes dryness even after longer usage , hence it works for reducing Dandruff as well as Preventive. Vegetal Anti Dandruff Shampoo does not contain Chemicals like ZPTO (Zinc Pyrithione) , so gives relief from Dandruff without causing any side effects of harmful chemicals. Being Natural , it does not hurt the texture of Hair and leaves them soft and healty even with its long time usage. - Enriched with indrajau natural extract that makes your look silky and smooth - Contains Vitamin-E of wheat seed that keeps your hair moisturized - ZPTO (Zinc pyrithione) Free. No Harmful Chemicals, 100% Natural Bio-Active Extracts - Contains vitamins and micronutrients that nourish the hair follicles to promote hair growth - No Side effects even with longer use, No Dryness even with longer use - Capable of being used as Preventive Anti Dandruff Remedy Also.

Vegetal Anti - Dandruff Shampoo ( 100 ml )

SKU: 101100195004000