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Enriched with Coconut Oil, Meraki Soapy Tales brings to you a deep conditioning body lotion. Formulated with coconut oil, tender coconut juice, and naturally sourced coconut extracts this cream will transport you to the backwaters of Kerala. The scent of tender coconut will transport you to your happy place, whilst the lotion will moisturize your skin leaving your skin deeply nourished and smooth. Massaging this product into your cuticles will fend off the cracked skin and prevent brittle nails. The antifungal benefits of Coconut Oil help soothe rough, red, and scaly patches on your skin leaving your skin glowing and soft. Our Tender Coconut Lotion works as an antidote for cracked heels too. Our revolutionary formula will leave your skin feeling light, non-greasy, and deeply hydrated. So, this naturally sourced and handcrafted product packs a punch and should be added to your next purchase.

Additionally Formulated with:

-Aloe Gel - The Presence of Aloe Gel will help soothe your skin with its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Visibly lightens the blemishes and boosts the healing of wounds. Aloe Gel deeply nourishes your skin and is non-intrusive.

-Glycerine - Allows your skin to retain its moisture and relieve skin of dryness. It also an emollient which helps in softening the skin.

Tender Coconut Body Lotion (200ml)

SKU: 101100118010100