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Description - Best on-the-go kit to take care of your hygiene! Do you hate when your body wash and shampoo bottles eat up the space of your luggage? We have got you covered! Frescia’s Tea tree travel kit is an ideal pick for anyone travelling! Get mini combo comprising tea tree face wash (30ml) , basil tea tree shower gel (30ml) and tea tree shampoo (30ml) to keep your skin and hair clean throughout the journey. Enjoy feeling your squeaky-clean face as the tea tree face wash sucks out all the crunches from the skin pore! And, no more acnes too as tea tree oil is on your guard! Who doesn’t enjoy moisturized bouncy skin? Frescia’s basil tea tree shower gel deeply cleanses your body while hydrating it with the goodness of basil. It also provides a refreshing feeling that you will love after a tiresome day of quenching your wanderlust. No more bad hair days when you travel! Frescia’s tea tree shampoo washes out all the dirt while fighting dandruffs to come back again. Enjoy luscious locks on-the-go! How to use? • Wet your face, take a pea-sized quantity of Tea tree face wash, massage it in circular motions on your face and neck, wash off and enjoy your face skin as you pat dry your face. • Wet your body, squeeze out some basil tea tree shower gel and rub it on your body, wash off and experience the freshness. • Wet your hair, take some tea tree shampoo on your palm, massage it on your scalp and hair and finally rinse until the water runs clean. Enjoy another good hair day! Key Ingredients: • Tea Tree Oil: Frescia’s products uses authentic tea tree oil to enhance your experience. Tea tree oil is packed with the power of antioxidants and thereby prevents acnes and dandruff. With the extract of pure tea tree oil infused in our products, you can enjoy flawless skin and bouncy hair. No more pimples to destroy your travel clicks! • Basil: A blast of refreshment await you as you extend your hand towards Frescia’s basil tea tree shower gel. The antiaging properties of basil helps you to delay wrinkles and fine lines. With the goodness of basil, you can enjoy firmness in your skin and also bid a goodbye to acnes. Benefits: • Save more space in your luggage to pack whatever you like! • Assures cleanliness and hygiene • Perfect mini combo for skin and haircare • Keeps you away from acne and dandruff • Try out this sample size if you are looking to switch skin and haircare products. 99% Vegan

Frescia Tea Tree Travel Kit - 3 Items

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