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We introduce this fighter to support your constant fight with coughs and colds. Sourced from Our Bee boxes placed on Eucalyptus plantations near the Himachal Pradesh and Punjab border, this honey is renowned for having a host of health benefits with people swearing for its medicinal value.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Honey:

Ayurveda supports the medicinal importance of honey and its healing properties. Called as nature’s natural antibiotic, it is known to possess antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids and healing compounds which when taken regularly keep people healthy.

Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria.

Honey helps reduces ulcers & other bacterial gastrointestinal disorders.

Superior Raw Unprocessed Honey - Pack of 2 (500 gms)

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