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Rosa, rose or "shatpatri" is the epitome of beauty in the flower kingdom.

With roses, we propose or share our feelings. It's time to show some love to your skin!

Our rose oil is also infused with chamomile petals to add that extra boost to your self-care regime.


Improves the texture of skin, heals dryness

Helps the skin to cool down and stay hydrated

Prevents acne

Prevents burnout

Directions to use

Pump a few drops and gently massage over your skin. For better results, apply the oil before sleeping.

Cold Pressed oils: White Sesame oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Walnut oil, Almond oil

Carrier oils of: Avocado, Grape-seed, Wheatgerm, Castor

Pure Rose oil

Oil infused with Dry Chamomile & Rose petals

Geranium Essential oil

Vitamin E extract.

Pure Rose Body Oil (100 ml)

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