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Originating from  India. Citronella Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Citronella grass, has absolutely no additives or fillers. Citronella has a lemon citrus scent, though it is much softer than actual Lemon with subtle wood tones .

HOW TO USE :   Helps support a healthy respiratory system, aid in relaxation, and can make your time spent outdoors more pleasant. Essential oil can be diffused using a vaporizer, inhaled, applied topically. Always dilute before applying to the skin. Use with oil, cream , body lotion.  Combine equal parts of Citronella water or witch hazel, and spray around the perimeter to make your outdoor gatherings more pleasant and insect free.

BENEFITS : To help promote a clean environment in your home during seasonal illness threats, diffuse equal parts of Citronella and Cinnamon Leaf into the air.
Properties: Anti-bacterial,  anti fungal , deworming , antiseptic, calming, rejuvenating, relaxing, soothing.

INGREDIENTS : 100% Pure Citronella  Essential Oil.

Pratha - Pure Citronella Essential Oil ( 30 ml )

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