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Five element diya is Made with Five element of Cow – Cow Dung, Cow Mutra, cow milk  Curd, Cow ghee that is called as Panchagvya tattv in Ayurveda.this Panchagavya composition not only promotes Oxygen generation but also mitigates the pollution due to the Carbon compound present in the environment. 

HOW TO USE :   Burn the Diya and keep at safe place.
Precautions –  Make sure to use a coaster/underline Never leave a burning Diya unattended Keep your burning Natural Diya away from kids and pets Always extinguish the Diya before leaving the room Be Careful & Enjoy!

 BENEFITS : The positive energy keeps in surrounding near about 4 hrs even after getting fully burn with Pure cow ghee Diya. Where the oil diya gives positive radiance for 30 min after fully burn.

INGREDIENTS : Pure Cow ghee, cotton batti, Organic Solidifying agent.

Pratha -Five Element Diya with Pure Cow Ghee – set of 12 diyas

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