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A lip balm that packs a punch? You heard that right. This easy on the lips and rich in benefits lip balm is a must-have. If your lips are prone to getting chapped or suffer through a sun-burnt lip, the Mint Burst Lip Gelly is where you should turn to. Furthermore, the peppermint essential oil stimulates blood circulation. When applied the menthol component widens the blood vessels which increases the blood flow. This makes your lips seem fuller and fresh. Handcrafted to bring your lips the care they need, this lip gelly is the perfect addition to your everyday routine.


Beeswax -  This product will provide your lips with hydration by locking in the moisture and soothing easily irritated skin. Its anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties make it the best ingredient for healing sensitive skin. 

Shea Butter - The presence of shea butter in the formulation softens the skin and makes the application even.

Vitamin E Oil - promotes cell turnover, hereby regenerating your lips.

Sweet Almond Oil- promises to fade away the dark skin of your lip.

Castor Oil-. It helps retain the moisture and maintains elasticity for your lips. When applied on chapped lips, it establishes a moist climate that advances recuperating and keeps your lips from drying out

Mint Burst Lip gelly (10gm)

SKU: 101100118008100