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Applications: Our handmade iron knives can be used for various uses in your kitchen like chopping, Cutting, mincing, dicing, cleaning of kitchen garden etc. Best for meat and fish. 

It is made with file, very strong and study. Handle wood is rosewood from Western Ghats

Do not use the cutting blade for any heavy duty purposes as it is not made for that

Lasts for decades. No maintenance for upto 12-15 years

Use wooden chopping board for long lasting

A perfect alternative to low quality/machine made Chinese knives

Size 1:

Total length: 27 cm, Blade width: 3 cm, Wooden handle length: 10 cm, Blade length: 18 cm

Size 2;

Total length: 32 cm, Blade width: 3.3 cm, Wooden handle length: 12 cm, Blade length: 20 cm

User instructions:

How to wash: Hand wash only. Wipe with dry cloth

How to maintain your kitchen knife: Apply oil once in three months. Don’t keep for long without use. Make it dry after every use

There is a chance of rust formation if not used for longer period. Then wash it and apply oil. Then use it 

Law India Heavy Duty Handmade Kitchen Knife

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