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Key features

Traditional Handmade Kitchen Knife: Heavy Duty Regular Rectangle Blade Kitchen Knife is made out of high-quality iron with sharp edged precision-formed blades and premium Indian rosewood handle by master craftsmen of Southern India.

Product Specifications: Size: Total length: 29.5 cm, Blade width, 5.5 cm, Blade length: 18.5 cm, Wood length: 11 cm. Heavy duty, straight back, regular rectangularblade, triple rivets, sharp & sleek iron with Indian Rosewood wooden handle.

Ergonomically crafted Indian Rosewood Wooden Handle: Fine iron tail blade is précised into premium quality Indian Rosewood handle to provide sturdy & comfortable grip. Non-slip handles are ergonomically designed with a full tang and bolster for maximum comfort and effortless handle control.

Best use of Heavy Duty Regular Rectangular Blade: Heavy duty handcrafted kitchen knife has a razor-sharp cutting edge for effortless cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing of fish and meat with perfect precision.Super sharp blade can be used for various uses in your kitchen, especially for slicing, cutting and chopping.

Easy Clean-up & Care: Blades are finely polished and pre-seasoned with oil to prevent rusting, maintain sharpness and extend blade life. Iron blades can be sensitive to certain fruits and vegetables, reducing their effectiveness over time all that is required is a quick rinse and wipe with a dry dish towel, as well as a light oiling (any cooking oil preferred) every now and again.

 NB: -You are the best judge when it comes to cutlery skills and the fine usage of kitchen knives! Please keep in mind that because they are 100% handcrafted; there may be some differences in colour and size between the image and the actual product.

Law India Handmade Heavy Duty Kitchen Knife

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