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This kiwi fruit anti ageing scrub’o’wash from Greenspa is a magical skincare formulation that works on fine facial lines and wrinkles very effectively and lets you time-travel back to your golden youthful days. Kiwi fruit rejuvenates the skin and makes it firm by initiating cell regeneration. Pomegranate in the formulation further supports it by helping this regeneration at epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. Frankincense essential oil carries terpenes and boswellic acid which protect healthy cells and facilitate fading away of wrinkles. Lactic acid present in this face wash with scrubbing attribute is an alpha hydroxy acid that acts as an exfoliating agent and controls premature ageing to even-tone the skin. Jojoba oil easily absorbs into the skin and provides long lasting moisturisation by its intense hydrating properties. Regular application of this face wash   makes your skin supple and smooth and restores your charm to make you look vivacious and young.Key Ingredients : Fresh Kiwi Fruit Pulp, Fresh Pomegranate juice, Lactic acid, Frankincense essential Oil, Jojoba Oil.Application : Mask and Wash with scrubbing. Intensity of scrubbing is very mild.

Kiwi Fruit Anti-Ageing Mask 'N' Wash

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