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Fresh Berries Lip Sugar Scrub from Greenspa is ideal for delicate care of tender skin of lips. Removing those dead skins from the lips is a painful job. Brown sugar in combination with certain oil blend very gently removes the dead skin. It, then, moisturises and heals the lips. Raspberry oil is rich with vitamin A, vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It absorbs very quickly without leaving any greasiness and nourishes the skin. Jojooba oil provides lasting moisturisation and soothes the bruises on lip-skin. Sweet orange oil, which is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature, helps increasing the ability to blood circulation and thus contribute in the healing process. This lip scrub recipe from Greenspa has chocolate flavour and is sweet in taste. Thus, you really need to control your instincts not to chew or eat it. Key Ingredients : Brown Sugar, Raspberry Oil, Jojooba Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Greenspa Fresh Berries Lip Sugar Scrub Combo

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