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Water-Activated Paper Tape is made from natural starch based adhesive. To use the tape apply water to activate the adhesive. When applied to a box, the tape fuses with the box as the adhesive soaks into the cardboard. Within a couple of minutes, it dries completely and is impossible to remove without damaging the box. The tape does not get affected by dirt, dust, oil, or extreme temperature environments.

Dimensions: 48 mm x 50 meters x 6 Rolls

Manufacturer - Mexim Adhesive Tapes Pvt. Ltd.

Address - SURVEY NO. 351 D & E Village: KACHIGAM, DAMAN - 396210

Country of Origin: India


•The tape is a two-layer paper with fiberglass reinforcement.

•Tamper Evident: Once applied, the tape bonds with the surface permanently, making them tamper-evident.

•Highly Recyclable: Kraft paper has high durability and tear resistance, making it ideal for light to heavy duty packaging.

•100% Natural Product: It naturally decays just like fallen leaves.

•Strength:- Kraft paper is designed for packaging and has high durability and tear resistance.

How to Use?

•Cut the tape at the required length, as per your box dimensions.

•Apply water on the adhesive side with a wet sponge/cloth or a paintbrush.

•Paste the tape on the box and let it dry for 1-2 minutes

•Keep the tape away from moisture & humidity.

Water Activated Tape - Brown Scrim Reinforced (48mmx50metersx6Rolls)

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