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Enjoy a hair spa at home with Earthy Sapo's Deep Conditioning Hair Mask made from herbs like bhringraj, methi, amla, rosemary, hibiscus flower, brahmi, neem infused in cold pressed coconut oil, castor oil & sesame oil. It nourishes and conditions your hair like no other! It provides deep conditioning of hair & makes it soft, supple & manageable.

Suitable for normal to dry & damaged/frizzy hair.
Nt wt: 100g

CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Store in cool & dry place.

HOW TO USE : Stir well. Take 1 spoon of the pack in a bowl of yogurt (any type)/egg/coconut cream or all. Stir well & apply onto scalp & hair. Leave for about 30-45 minutes & shampoo as normal. There is no need to pre-oil the hair before applying this mask. 

Earthy Sapo - Deep Conditioning Oil Based Hair Mask ( 100 gms )

SKU: 101100293004300