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Jus Amazin Peanut Butter - All Natural (Unsweetened) is made with just 1 Ingredient - 100% certified Organic Peanuts, and Nothing else ! It provides Clean Nutrition, with Zero Junk (No refined Sugar or Chemicals or Preservatives). Every Spoon of this Peanut Butter has the natural flavor of Peanuts, and is packed with macro-nutrients (31% Protein, Dietary Fibers and healthy fats) and naturally occurring micro-nutrients (Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Folate, Copper, Manganese). Since it is High in Dietary fiber, low in net Carbs, and Unsweetened, it is also Diabetes friendly & Keto friendly.

- Perfect for a healthy breakfast meal or a mid-day snack to keep you fuller for longer ! Our Easy to Spread Peanut Butter is perfect on toast, with fruits, Pancakes, Crackers, with Oatmeal / Muesli, in a Smoothie / Smoothie bowl.

-Made without any hydrogenated fats, Sugar, artificial Preservatives and Chemicals, this healthy and yummy Peanut Butter i