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If you are a coffee lover then this one is for you. The star ingredient of this soap is coffee ground which gently cleanses and polishes your skin. It exfoliates the dead skin cells, detoxifies and controls the foul smell of the sweat.

Cocoa butter and Vitamin E oil used in the soap gives your skin extra moisture and hydration.

So brighten your skin with the anti-cellulite & exfoliating power of this soap, which also stimulates your senses as much as your skin.

Shelf life : 1 year

Unlike other chemical based soap bars and liquids, our soaps are 100% natural and handmade. They are free from synthetic colorants, fragrance, preservatives, detergents and animal substances. Made using unrefined, virgin oils and butters, they are also paraben and sulfate free.

Anubhuti Cocoa Butter Coffee Soap (100 gms)

SKU: 101100186003700