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Where there is chocolate there is happiness. Meraki Soapy Tales has not forgotten the chocolate lovers and have brought a specially handcrafted product for you. Our Chocolate Body Lotion brings to you deep nourishment for your skin which does not feel heavy on your skin. If your skin is prone to ingrown hair, razor burns, and redness after waxing, the shea butter formulation helps in fighting against it. Our product also is an effective remedy against stretch marks and regular application visibly rescues its presence. Formulated with Olive Oil, our lotion is known for its water retention properties by moisturizing your skin and improving its health and appearance. A natural antioxidant, olive oil acts against cell damage and inflammation making it effective against itchy and irritated skin. Since it's anti-inflammatory in nature, the product will help fade away dark spots and help in healing wounded skin. Also enriched with Almond Oil, our product gets soaked deep into our skin making it an unparalleled choice for hydrating your skin. 

All these benefits teamed up with the blissful smell of Belgium Chocolate, this product is a must buy.


Additionally Formulated with:

-Aloe Gel - The Presence of Aloe Gel will help soothe your skin with its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Visibly lightens the blemishes and boosts the healing of wounds. Aloe Gel deeply nourishes your skin and is non-intrusive.

-Glycerine - Allows your skin to retain its moisture and relieve skin of dryness. It is also an emollient which helps in softening the skin.

Chocolate Body Lotion (200ml)

SKU: 101100118010500