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Valentine's Day we all know has a universal date but love is an everlasting feeling and love for skincare health we believe should be an eternal one. Speaking for itself through its presentation, here we have our product - 'The Charred Rose Bar'. This soap has two layers of care and protection backing each other like your loved ones do.The two layers visibly of Charcoal and Rose Clay also contain notes of Mandarin, Sandal & Rose. This bar works as a great pacifier on acne-prone skin, without extracting skin's moisture. It detoxifies the skin gently through a combination of charcoal and roses.Vitamin A is very useful for your skin because this vitamin stimulates the skin tissues and accelerates the reconstruction process of cells. Beyond that, vitamin A in mandarin has anti-aging properties that are essential to protect you from various skin problems like wrinkles.Sandal, a success for skincare in its own way helps in removing tan. So the next day you wake up to deserves to get a care that brightens up your skin and dull the tan with 'The Charred Rose' in your palms

CHAROSE (100gm)

SKU: 101100118005600