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What did you think ? 

Roses also blossom pink !


And if colonialism was meant to end, Roses would rule our hearts forever and heal the skin as well.

Presenting before you our next bar of happiness - The British Rose Soap.

This perfectly shaped bar is moulded for skin to absorb its moisture. Roses we must tell you have skin cleansing properties as they extract thorns out of your skin. This fragrant soap helps rejuvenate and replenish skin. Discover how this lush blossom can make your skin feel as velvety soft as a bed of roses. Roses also have anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial components that sweep the unwanted bacterias on your skin effortlessly.

And its relaxing fragrance and soothing touch post application needs no specific mention, yet finds one. Cause we cannot afford to miss this, and hope so even you won't wish to….


British rose (70gm)

SKU: 101100118008700