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Just like the colour blue, this lip gelly will work toward instilling calmness and serenity in your lip care routine. The Vitamin C present in our organic blueberries help in boosting collagen level for your lips. This leads to plumper and smoother lips. Vitamin A in these blueberries acts as Anti-oxidants, restoring your lips to their natural glory. Also, blueberries are rich in Vitamin K, which will soothe inflamed or irritated patches on your lips and work towards repairing chapped lips.  This lip balm has no tint or reflex but will add a subtle sheen to your lips.


Beeswax -  Formulated with organic beeswax, this product will provide your lips with hydration by locking in the moisture and soothing easily irritated skin. Its anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties make it the best ingredient for healing sensitive skin. 

Shea Butter - The presence of shea butter in the formulation softens the skin and makes the application even.

Vitamin E Oil - promotes cell turnover, hereby regenerating your lips.

Sweet Almond Oil- promises to fade away the dark skin of your lip.

Castor Oil-. It helps retain the moisture for your lips and promotes hydration And maintains elasticity. When applied on chapped lips, it establishes a moist climate that advances recuperating and keeps your lips from drying out.

Blueberry Lip Gelly (10gm)

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