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We grind our Atta at a water mill. Other common colloquial names are Gharat or Panchakki. It is also known as Gristmill in English.

Waterwheels or 'gharats' have ground wheat since the 7th century, but are now dying a slow death. It is an efficient system which converts the kinetic energy of the running water into mechanical energy that grinds the wheat. With our hard work and efforts, we are trying to revive this traditional yet healthy way of grinding grains. They are environmentally friendly and green too.


Stone-ground flour is far more superior to industrially milled flour because of its texture, nutty flavour, and the belief that it is nutritionally superior and has a better baking quality than steel-roller-milled flour. It is claimed that, as the stones grind relatively slowly, the wheat germ is not exposed to the sort of excessive temperatures that could cause the fat from the germ portion to oxidise and become rancid, which would destroy some of the vitamin content.Stone-milled flour has been found to be relatively high in thiamin, compared to roller-milled flour, especially when milled from hard wheat.


The Staple Kaka - Besan

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