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Beetroot is rich in minerals and vitamins like iron and vitamin C. Its benefits for the skin are mainly attributed to the vitamin C content.

Our BEETROOT FACE PACK is made with goodness of Beetroot powder, Fuller's earth, Neem leaves powder and Rose powder.

Beetroot has anti-aging and also helps with acne treatment and skin brightening. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Benefits if using this face pack are :

✔ It improves the production of collagen, improving your skin’s appearance due to the presence of vitamin C.

✔ Adds a pinkish glow to your skin.

✔ The blemishes and acne on your skin will reduce significantly.

✔ Helps in skin brightening.

✔ Keeps your skin hydrated.

✔ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin elasticity.

✔ It is a perfect solution to reduce dark circles.


How to use : Mix the powder with Rose water / Yogurt / Aloe Vera gel / Plain water (whatever suits your skin). Form a paste, apply evenly on face and neck. Leave it for 10 minutes till semi dry and wash with plain water. Follow up with our toner and cream. It can also be used as hand and feet pack.

Anubhuti Beetroot Face Pack (40 gms)

SKU: 101100186008400

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