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Drumstick Honey / Moringa Honey / Sahjan Honey

True Flora Honey / Raw Honey / Natural Honey / Unprocessed Honey

Net Weight : 500 Gm

This is a real Drumstick honey or Moringa Honey produced by honey bees from the nectar of Drumstick flowers. It is dark yellow in colour with a rich and of thick consistency. “Drumstick” honey is a new super food & has been gaining popularity for its high nutritious values. antioxidants, powerful anti-inflammatory and properties that protect tissues and many other health benefits.

It retains calcium in the body

Reduces allergy symptoms

Relieves from arthritis and rheumatism

Boosts energy, stamina and immunity


Bee Farms Products Moringa Honey/ Drumstick Honey/ Sahjan Honey (500 gms)

SKU: 101100204007900