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AMAzing EARTH Beard Wash for Men is a certified organic 2 in 1 beard wash shampoo and conditioner. This organic beard wash is specifically designed to nourish and condition the beard by protecting the natural oils produced by your skin and hair. It deeply cleanses the beard by gently removing the oil, dirt and dead cells. This beard wash and conditioner for men promotes hair growth by sealing the hair cuticle and preventing the hair breakage. It nourishes the skin by replenishing the hydration and nutrient levels of the skin. This organic beard wash is free of toxic chemicals like sulphates, silicone and parabens thus it prevents itchiness and dandruff in beard. It is enriched with certified organic ingredients and is a perfect pick for men with coarse and curly beard.

Amazing Earth - Beard Wash , Shampoo + Conditioner ( 150 gms )

SKU: 101100195006700