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Ajwain plant blossoms for a very brief period of time. This honey is collected by placing bee colonies in Ajwain fields for that brief period of time when it blossoms. This honey is dark in colour and has strong taste and fragrance. It is one of the rarest and one of the best honey harvested in India.

Multiflower Raw Honey, popularly called the honey of thousand flowers, is made of nectars collected by the bees from many flowers of melliferous plants in forests. Honey made of spring multiflower has a light colour, nice scent and delicate taste. Eucalyptus Honey is made from the flower nectar of eucalyptus bloom. Honey bees are storing the gathered nectar in the brood cells then change over into honey. Eucalyptus tree is originally native from Australia now grown everywhere throughout

the world and it utilized for their medicinal properties. RHBFS

has apiary for Eucalyptus honey in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh,

India. Honey will be extracted from November to March

month. Eucalyptus honey is dark in colour; it can be light

amber also. The colour can rely upon the nectar, age of the

honey, weather conditions etc. Eucalyptus honey is rich in

fructose so crystallize quickly in low temperature. In

crystallised form it is like a cream, used on breads and

toasts. It has strong sweet taste and slightly mentholated,

best to consume in raw.

150gm Honey with three different flavours

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