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Sustainable Gifting

Whats the best gift to present on a birthday or when you are visiting somebody or for any occasion what so ever there are many plants that grow from cuttings so you can take plants like Snakegrass, Singonium, Money plant or many other plants

Simply cut the plant at about 3 inches keeping a thick stem put the plant in water for one day

We usually plant these either in recycled tin cans which can be either painted or decorated with jute or similar recycled or up cycled materials or any old cloth

My current favourite is to use coconut shells from coconut water because these give a lot of nutrition to the plant and are the most eco friendly planter. Wrap them with jute rope as shown in the picture

Simply put in a mix of equal quantities of compost and coco peat and your plant is going to do really well. Sprinkle in some coffee grounds or tea leaves once in ten days and water them lightly every other day. If the plants are indoors put them outside for 3-4 days after week and you can keep them happily indoors for more than a year.

The greenest gift that everyone is going to love.

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Shivi Awasthi
Shivi Awasthi
Aug 19, 2023

Thank you for your support

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