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'Chirp, Chirp!', said the bird from the birdhouse.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Art adds beauty to our day to day lives. To some creating art is a means of relaxation while to others watching the outcome of several hours of effort, provides serenity and makes them go ‘aha’. Art adds smiles, it spreads messages conveniently, and above all art is an expression of it’s creator. Creating art breaks all boundaries, it allows a person to break free from all shackles and pour his/her/their heart out onto the canvas.

Art is a three letter word which represents the depths of Pacific ocean. The visual components of art include colour, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. As unique and diverse it is, art never fails anyone. It is that one skill that has no rules. Create what makes you happy, or maybe escape the mundane reality through a black hole in your creation or just dive back into your bubble and breath onto the canvas. As special as this arena is, it was a part of Olympics from the year 1912 to 1948. Did you know, ‘the starry night, a well known painting, was actually painted in a psych ward, by Van Gogh, while he was trying to recover from his mental illness. Wonders are made in the most unexpected times at the least probable places.

The aesthetics of art mingled with nature cannot be described in simple English words. It is too beautiful and satisfying to be true. Iram I Shervani, a freelance contemporary artist aims to reach diverse audiences through her work. Like many others she has also been greatly influenced by various art movements and the connection of arts and urban spaces.

Art does not have a language. It forms a space where anyone and everyone can understand and communicate with each other. And when art reaches your garden, it becomes all the more vibrant and attractive. Be it birdhouses that invite birds to take a nap, or some beautifully painted rocks.

It has been noticed that with the current pandemic situation and lockdowns, the world has slowed down and nature is finally breathing a sigh of relief. If you’ve taken a walk recently you would know how much nature is healing herself. The skies are clear. The air is pure. You can sight animals roaming freely. You see so many pictures of birds and animals that couldn’t dare to venture into human territory have now started to appear in the open. But, what happens once we take to the streets? Where do these innocent beings go? We must do our bit to encourage them to continue living with us, to live together sustainably. Breathing with us and beautifying our surroundings by their sounds, by their presence.

We need to find a way to Co-exist.

What better way than to integrate sustainability and mutual existence with artistic innovations? Art has the ability to draw the eye. It can be cleverly designed to blend in with its surroundings and bring out the background. This versatility makes the addition of art in your garden the perfect way to brighten up your landscape. Placing works of art in gardens highlights the beauty of surrounding plants and flowers.

Imagine beautiful hand painted birdhouses hanging in you gardens or terrace gardens being the party grounds for birds, your houses filling up with the chirps of birds singing their merry songs in your gardens. Wouldn’t it be serene and absolutely alluring?

With similar thoughts and her tremendous love for painting drew her towards garden decor. Iram has actually set up several garden exhibitions to portray to the audience that imaginations ca turn to reality. You can have your own fairy tale. Continuously trying to reach diverse audiences through her work, Iram's Garden Art exhibitions have received a tremendous response over the years. She brings art to those that do not believe they need to see it and forces one to engage in deeper ways of knowing, learning, and thinking.

Her methodical work is an extension of her experiences growing up in Allahabad, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration. Each piece that she creates is thoughtful, character-driven, and designed to fit in seamlessly with innovative decor. Instead of aiming for perfection, Iram wants you to see the personality and one-of-a-kind details of each made-to-order piece.

It is with this driving philosophy in mind that Iram started creating new and intricate designs for bird houses, rock art, ornamental flowers and hand painted pots which finally gave way to her company Gardens n Beyond. Started two years ago, Gardens n Beyond experimentation with shape, function and texture is unprecedented. Their products are functional and creatively designed, inspired by nature and architecture.

Gardens n Beyond was recently chosen for #goodwillforgood initiative started by Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal. The company featured in his interview along with all his social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc.

When looking for change, you know where to go! Artistic introductions to your gardens are bound to make you feel brighter, lighter and add energy to your day!

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