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The secret of any cuisine lies in their gravies and sauces. Taste By Base (TBB), founded by Culinary Expert and Former Head Chef Siddharth Sehgal and co-founded by Ruchi Sehgal and Anirudh Sehgal, has tapped the niche delectably. TBB endeavours to bring soul to your recipes. Its flavours have aromatically infused Lucknow and are on their way to send across different cities in India.

If flavour has taken a back-seat in an attempt to stay healthy, then TBB's jars are just what you need. All the gravies and sauces are prepared using fresh herbs, condiments, veggies, and spices. All TBB products are preservative-free, additive-free and certified by FSSAI approved. Additionally, they are super easy to incorporate. Just open, mix, heat, and enjoy. What else do you need for hassle-free cooking?

Ever woke up late on a working day wondering what to prepare before work-from-home starts or what to pack for lunch if going to office? TBB's healthy gravies and sauces will not only allow you to save time but also ensure you don't compromise on taste.

Many mothers had an easier time preparing mouth-watering breakfast for kids and got a little time for themselves with. Folks living alone relished the dishes they could prepare without having to beat their heads around what ingredients to put, how to cook or devote a significant amount of time to preparing something delightfully tasty yet healthy.

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